Features of Parenting Checkpoint

Under "Parenting Q&A": We cover the questions about parenting skills that are of most concern to parents

We cover a wide range of daily-life related topics about caring for and raising children from babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age children, to adolescents.

Under "Parenting Q&A": We provide quick and research proven answers ONLY

Every question is answered based on research findings ONLY, with traceable scientific evidence published in peer-reviewed journals. No junk, rumors, or unproved ideas. In other words, Parenting-Checkpoint.com provide you the most trustworthy parenting knowledge over the Internet.

Under "Viral Myths Buster": We bust the Internet myths and rumors

You will be surprised about how many viral articles or reputable news source on the Internet are not supported by scientific studies. We have also collected a variety of mistaken or incomplete concepts about parenting skills from other websites, and bust the myths based on research findings. More incorrect articles will be added weekly.

Under "Your Inputs": help us improve Parenting Checkpoint

You can help us by providing new questions, additional answers (with academic references) to our existing questions, or additional references to the existing answers on Parenting Checkpoint.

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