Details about Evette

The overall popularity rank of Evette is 2773 out of 26000+ names.

100.0% of Evette is female. Also, 58.8% is Caucasian, 19.9% is African American, 2.4% is Asian, and 18.0% is Hispanic.

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Education Statistics about "Evette"


  1. Evette is 2.098 times more likely to major in Nursing.
  2. Evette is 23.109% less likely to major in Arts & Social Science
  3. Evette is 31.406% less likely to major in Law
  4. Evette is 44.740% less likely to major in Business
  5. Evette is 50.288% less likely to major in Biology
  6. Evette is 68.816% less likely to major in Computer Science
  7. Evette is 86.588% less likely to major in Engineering


  1. Evette is 1.183 times more likely have a Associate degree.
  2. Evette is 48.696% less likely have a Master degree.
  3. Evette is 48.948% less likely have a Bachelor degree.
  4. Evette is 57.713% less likely have a Doctor degree.

MOST LIKELY Universities

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Working Career Statistics about "Evette"


  1. Evette is 17.489 times more likely to work as a ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT.



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