Most Popular Indian Unisex Baby Names Starting with Letter L

How to use?

  1. The list of 4,213 indian names is compiled by analyzing more than 3.5 million social networking profiles.
  2. Statistics are reported in % form. For example, 1.43483 means 1.43483%.
  3. "Gender" column reports how many % of people who use that first name is female. 70 means 70% of people with that name are female.
  4. Unisex names are defined as first names that are within 20%-80% range (i.e., less than 80% from one gender).
  5. We only display names appear at least 25 times in our database.
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Names Sorted by Popularity

Rank First Name Gender (%) Caucasian (%) African (%) Asian (%) Hispanic (%)
2095 Lakshya 42.86 9.62 2.13 82.46 1.19
1387 Lal 21.74 17.12 5.82 64.35 2.74
2836 Lee 21.27 49.65 8.39 33.83 5.97
1870 Leslie 70.12 53.40 12.87 21.36 8.05
1434 Life 34.00 60.74 16.70 22.52 3.51
850 Love 74.50 27.60 6.78 65.86 2.09
1757 Luv 65.98 10.05 2.09 84.68 1.20
3697 Lynn 77.67 53.96 6.70 22.94 11.10
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