Research-Proven Checklist for Parents to Identify Gifted Young Children

The best way to identify giftedness in young children is usually to have them assessed by a trained psychologist using the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. Parents may seek a simplified tool or checklists which they can use at home for a preliminary check of their young children before taking them for assessment by a psychologist.

Drawing upon one study, here we provide a checklist which covers 16 characteristics for parents to assess and check their children at preschool age (age 3-5) at home. In this study, the researchers developed a checklist to assist parents to identify young giftedness by synthesizing the results of a number of research outcomes. In terms of its validity, 66% of the children who fitted the characteristics according to their parents were found to be in the gifted range on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. The rest of the children who fitted the characteristics in the checklist but were tested as being below the gifted range in the test had all had ear infections in the first year of life, and 75% of these children had had chronic ear infections. The researchers considered that they were ‘gifted/handicapped’ and that their giftedness can be overlooked in an IQ test.

The following are the 16 characteristics adopted from Silverman, Chitwood, & Waters (1986). (1) Good problem-solving skills (2) Rapid learning abilities (3) Extensive vocabulary (4) Good memory (5) Long attention span (6) Sensitivity (7) Compassion for others (8) Perfectionism (9) High degree of energy (10) Preference for older companions (11) Wide range of interests (12) Excellent sense of humor (13) Early or avid reading abilities (14) Abilities in puzzles, mazes, or numbers (15) At time, seems mature for age (16) Perseverance in areas of interest.

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1: "Young Gifted Children Can Parents Identify Giftedness?," Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 1986, by LK Silverman, DG Chitwood. (Citations: 61).

Abstract A checklist was developed to assist parents in identifying gifted young children. The checklist was refined on the basis of several research studies, then printed in a major daily newspaper. Twenty-one parents who felt that their children fit the descriptors in the article ...

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Research-Proven Checklist for Parents to Identify Gifted Young Children

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