Studies on Formula Feeding in the Evening to Sleep through the Night

According to a randomized clinical trial study, parents of infants who were exclusively breast fed even in the evening or at night can sleep an average of 40-45 minutes more than parents who gave their infants formula in the evening or at night. 

Created on November 21 2015 at 08: 00 AM

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1: "Breastfeeding Increases Sleep Duration Of New Parents," The Journal of perinatal & neonatal nursing, 2007, by T Doan, A Gardiner, CL Gay. (Citations: 93).

Objectives: This study describes sleep patterns for mothers and fathers after the birth of their first child and compares exclusive breast-feeding families with parents who used supplementation during the evening or night at 3 months postpartum. Methods: As part of ...

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Studies on Formula Feeding in the Evening to Sleep through the Night

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