At What Age Do Children Start to Show Their True Personality? What Research Discovers

Based on the results of two studies, children’s temperament (or behavior style) at age 3 continues and is associated with their personality traits at age 18. To be more specific, temperament continues from childhood at age 3-12 to adulthood at age 20-29, especially for negative temperament including negative emotionality and low sociability.

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1: "Temperamental Qualities At Age Three Predict Personality Traits In Young Adulthood: Longitudinal Evidence From A Birth Cohort," Child Development, 1995, by A Caspi, PA Silva. (Citations: 654).

1995, 66, 486-498. In an unselected sampie of over 800 subjects we studied whether behavioral styles at age 3 are linked to personality traits at age 18. We identified 5 temperament groups (labeled Undercontrolled, Inhibited, Confident, Reserved, and Well- ...


1: "Difficult Temperament In Childhood And Adulthood: Continuity From Maternal Perceptions To Self-Ratings Over 17 Years," Personality And Individual Differences, 2003, by AK Pesonen, K Rikknen, P Keskivaara. (Citations: 40).

We examined continuity and change in temperament over 17 years, from childhood at ages 312 to adulthood at ages 2029, in a population-based sample of 1319 participants of the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns study. The focus was on individual subscales of ...

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At What Age Do Children Start to Show Their True Personality? What Research Discovers

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