Cow’s Milk vs. Formula for Babies: What Studies Show

Based on the findings of four studies, infants at 6-13 months fed with whole cow’s milk with iron-fortified cereal are at risk of iron-deficiency. On the contrary, infants fed with iron-fortified formulas are not at risk of iron-deficiency. In addition, cow’s milk provided low intakes of readily bioavailable iron and linoleic acid, but amounts of sodium, potassium, and chloride that may exceed the recommended safe and adequate ranges. Furthermore, the results from one study also indicated that the renal solute load of infants fed with cow's milk was almost twice the amount of that of infants fed formula.

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1: "Iron Status And Intake Of Older Infants Fed Formula Vs Cow Milk With Cereal.," The American journal of clinical nutrition, 1993, by GJ Fuchs, RP Farris, M DeWier. (Citations: 61).

Abstract One hundred four infants were randomly assigned to receive whole cow milk plus iron-fortified cereal (WCM+ C) in accord with the previous recommendations of the Committee of Nutrition/American Academy of Pediatrics (CON/AAP); one of two iron- ...

2: "Nutrient Intakes Of American Infants And Children Fed Cow'S Milk Or Infant Formula," American Journal of Diseases of Children, 1985, by GA Martinez, AS Ryan. (Citations: 39).

Gilbert A. Martinez; Alan S. Ryan, PhD; Donald J. Malec, PhD s= b Between April 1984 and August 1984, a national survey, the Ross Laboratories Infant Nutrition Survey, was un-dertaken to assess patterns of food con-sumption of American infants ranging in age from ...

3: "Food And Nutrient Intake Of 6-To12-Month-Old Infants Fed Formula Or Cow Milk: A Summary Of Four National Surveys," The Journal Of Pediatrics, 1990, by JA Ernst, MS Brady, KA Rickard. (Citations: 25).

Food and nutrient intakes of infants during the second 6 months of life were summarized with the use of four national surveys as the data base. Three of the surveys, the second National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1976-1980), the Ross Nutrition Survey ...

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Cow’s Milk vs. Formula for Babies: What Studies Show

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