Does an Infant's Temperament Stay the Same Or Change?

Based on the results of two studies, in general, an infant's temperament does not stay the same and is not continued in the first two years of life.

Infants' temperament at 6-12 months is different from at 0-6 months; temperament in the second year of life is marked by change rather than continuity.  However, for infants with extreme personalities (such as the Big Five personality traits of extraverted children, children who show high-intensity pleasure and infants with extremely negative traits such as sadness, frustration and low responsiveness), it is more likely that these traits will continue throughout childhood.

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1: "Homotypic And Heterotypic Continuity Of Finegrained Temperament During Infancy, Toddlerhood, And Early Childhood," Infant And Child Development, 2008, by SP Putnam, MK Rothbart. (Citations: 95).

Abstract Longitudinal continuity was investigated for fine-grained and factor-level aspects of temperament measured with the Infant Behaviour Questionnaire-Revised (IBQ-R), Early Childhood Behaviour Questionnaire (ECBQ), and Children's Behaviour Questionnaire ( ...

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Four issues were considered:(1) the stability of temperament over the first year:(2) the relotion of infant temperament and cognitive performance;(3) the relationship of infant temperament to home environment: and (4) whether temperoment mediates infont ...

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The present paper examines genetic and environmental sources of continuity and change in temperament in a sample of 301 twin pairs participating in the MacArthur Longitudinal Twin Study. At 14, 20 and 24 months of age, temperament was assessed independently for ...

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Does an Infant's Temperament Stay the Same Or Change?

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