Does Infants' Temperament Indicate His/Her Intellectual Development?

Based on the results of one study, there is no direct relationship between infants' temperament and their intellectual performance. However, infants' temperament can mediate the effects of the home environment on their mental performance. The study found that active infants' mental functioning was higher when they were raised in organized home environments.

Created on November 21 2015 at 08: 00 AM

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1: "A Longitudinal Study Of Temperament And Its Correlates In The First 12 Months," Infant Behavior And Development, 1984, by P Peters-Martin, TD Wachs. (Citations: 74).

Four issues were considered:(1) the stability of temperament over the first year:(2) the relotion of infant temperament and cognitive performance;(3) the relationship of infant temperament to home environment: and (4) whether temperoment mediates infont ...

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Does Infants' Temperament Indicate His/Her Intellectual Development?

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