Study Findings on Early Dust-mite Exposure Triggering Asthma Risk

The research in the earlier years (1990) indicated that exposure to house-dust mite allergens in early childhood is an important determinant of the subsequent development of asthma. However, the research in recent years (2000 & 2004) has indicated that there is good evidence that exposure to house dust mites (in isolation) is not associated with asthma risk. In addition, all of the studies agree that genetics still play a more important role, and children who have sensitization to indoor allergens are more likely to have asthma and to wheeze.

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1: "Exposure To House-Dust Mite Allergen (Der P I) And The Development Of Asthma In Childhood: A Prospective Study," New England Journal, 1990, by R Sporik, ST Holgate, TAE Platts-Mills. (Citations: 1610).

Results. Of the 67 children studied in 1989, 35 were atopic (positive skin tests), and 32 were nonatopic. Of the 17 with active asthma, 16 were atopic (P< 0.005), all of whom were sensitized to the house-dust mite, as judged by positive skin tests and levels of specific ...

2: "Early Exposure To House-Dust Mite And Cat Allergens And Development Of Childhood Asthma: A Cohort Study," The Lancet, 2000, by S Lau, S Illi, C Sommerfeld, B Niggemann. (Citations: 694).

BACKGROUND: In a prospective birth-cohort study, we assessed the relevance of mite and cat allergen exposure for the development of childhood asthma up to age 7 years. METHODS: Of 1314 newborn infants enrolled in five German cities in 1990, follow-up data ...

3: "A Systematic Review Of Associations Between Environmental Exposures And Development Of Asthma In Children Aged Up To 9 Years," BMJ Open, 2014, by S Dick, A Friend, K Dynes, F AlKandari, E Doust. (Citations: 6).

Objectives Childhood asthma is a complex condition where many environmental factors are implicated in causation. The aim of this study was to complete a systematic review of the literature describing associations between environmental exposures and the development ...

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Study Findings on Early Dust-mite Exposure Triggering Asthma Risk

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