Can Educational Computer Games Benefit Children’s Acquisition of Academic Skills?

Yes, based on the results of three studies, educational computer games are able to enhance elementary school students’ motivation to write and their standardized achievement scores on writing tasks, as well as their math scores in geometry and their speed and accuracy of counting. 

Created on November 21 2015 at 08: 00 AM

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1: "A Muve Towards Pbl Writing: Effects Of A Digital Learning Environment Designed To Improve Elementary Student Writing," Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 2008, by SJ Warren, MJ Dondlinger, SA Barab. (Citations: 81).

Abstract Two major obstacles to using problem-based learning methods with writing in elementary school classrooms are the time it takes to design the learning environment and the time required for students to interact at their own pace with ill-structured problems ...


1: "Using A Games Console In The Primary Classroom: Effects Of 'Brain Training'Programme On Computation And Selfesteem," British Journal Of Educational, 2010, by DJ Miller, DP Robertson. (Citations: 79).

Abstract It is known that computer games are motivating for children, but there is limited direct evidence of their effects on classroom learning. The aim of this exploratory study was to investigate the effects of a commercial off-the-shelf computer game on children's mental ...

2: "From Play To Thoughtful Learning: A Design Strategy To Engage Children With Mathematical Representations," Journal Of Computers In Mathematics And Science, 2008, by K Sedig. (Citations: 56).

Abstract Many children do not like learning mathematics. They do not find mathematics fun, motivating, and engaging, and they think it is difficult to learn. Computer-based games have the potential and possibility of addressing this problem. This paper proposes a strategy for ...

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Can Educational Computer Games Benefit Children’s Acquisition of Academic Skills?

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