Factors Contributing to Children’s Myopia: Studies Disclose the Misconceptions

According to the findings of 4 studies, there are a number of factors associated with the onset of myopia. Heredity or a family history of myopia is the strongest factor associated with myopia among young children and adolescents. Less outdoor activity is the second most important factor associated with myopia among children. The degree of association is even stronger than near work. Near work is also associated with myopia in a moderate way, especially children who read and write more than 2 hours/a day and also work more than 0.8 hours/a day on a computer. Watching TV is not associated with myopia even for children who watch more than 2 hours a day.

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1: "Parental Myopia, Near Work, School Achievement, And Children'S Refractive Error," Investigative ophthalmology & visual science, 2002, by DO Mutti, GL Mitchell. (Citations: 414).

purpose. To quantify the degree of association between juvenile myopia and parental myopia, near work, and school achievement. methods. Refractive error, parental refractive status, current level of near activities (assumed working distance-weighted hours per ...

2: "Prevalence Of Amblyopia And Strabismus In Young Singaporean Chinese Children," Investigative ophthalmology & visual science, 2010, by A Chia, M Dirani, YH Chan, G Gazzard. (Citations: 59).

Methods. Enrolled in the study were 3009 Singaporean children, aged 6 to 72 months. All underwent complete eye examinations and cycloplegic refraction. Visual acuity (VA) was measured with a logMAR chart when possible and the Sheridan-Gardner test when not. ...


1: "Outdoor Activity Reduces The Prevalence Of Myopia In Children," Ophthalmology, 2008, by KA Rose, IG Morgan, J Ip, A Kifley, S Huynh, W Smith. (Citations: 446).

OBJECTIVE: To assess the relationship of near, midworking distance, and outdoor activities with prevalence of myopia in school-aged children. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study of 2 age samples from 51 Sydney schools, selected using a random cluster design. ...


1: "Reading, Writing, Working On A Computer Or Watching Television, And Myopia.," Klinika oczna, 2009, by D Czepita, A Mojsa, M Ustianowska, M Czepita. (Citations: 7).

PURPOSE: The aim of our study was to investigate on a large population if reading, writing, working on a computer or watching television might be associated with the occurrence of myopia. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 5865 schoolchildren were examined (2792 ...

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Factors Contributing to Children’s Myopia: Studies Disclose the Misconceptions

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