How to Deal with a Child’s Tantrum: The Research-Proven Methods

Based on the results of three studies regarding tantrums, the reasons and effective ways to deal with them are as follows.

Reasons: A tantrum is an intensive emotional process of anger and distress. It starts from anger, and becomes a tantrum at the peak of the anger. It usually lasts less than five minutes and may be accompanied with crying and comfort-seeking which are due to distress.

For children who throw a tantrum in public, video recording the tantrum, then playing selective segments of the video a few hours after the tantrum followed by immediate punishment is effective in discouraging the next one.

For children who throw tantrums at bedtime, establish a positive routine with a fixed sequence of typical daily events, culminating in going to bed. Praise the completion of each step of the routine. Once the routine has been established, gradually fade the beginning of the routine backward in time until it coincides with bedtime.

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1: "Suppressing Tantrum Behavior In Public Places Through The Use Of Delayed Punishment Mediated By Audio Recordings," Behavior Therapy, 1985, by A Rolider, R Van Houten. (Citations: 15).

In three experiments the effects of a delayed punishment procedure mediated by playing audio tape segments was evaluated. In the first experiment, the effects of delayed punishment mediated by a tape recorder playback procedure were assessed using a ...


1: "Positive Routines: A Rapid Alternative To Extinction For Elimination Of Bedtime Tantrum Behavior," Child Behavior, 1982, by MA Milan, ZP Mitchell, MI Berger. (Citations: 63).

Children's severe opposition to going to bed (bedtime temper tantrums) has typically been treated by ignoring the behavior (extinction). Although this method has proven effective with various populations, caregivers must endure the child's screaming and crying for long ...

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How to Deal with a Child’s Tantrum: The Research-Proven Methods

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