How Does Smoke (from any source) Influence Children's Health?

According to the results of three studies, different types of smoke influence children's health in different ways. Infants with heavy daily exposure to smoke from cooking and/or heating fires are more likely to get severe lower respiratory tract disease. Infants with mothers who smoke in the same room have 56% more chance of being hospitalized than infants whose mothers’ smoke in a different room. Infants with atopic parents as well as with mothers who smoke are more likely to suffer from wheezing before the age of one. However, environmental tobacco smoke exposure is not associated with atopy.

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Objectives. We sought to quantify the effect of good smoking hygiene on infant risk of respiratory tract infection in the first 12 months of life. Methods. A cohort of 4486 infants in Tasmania, Australia, was followed from birth to 12 months of age for hospitalization with ...


1: "Smoke-Filled Rooms And Lower Respiratory Disease In Infants.," South African medical journal= Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde, 1982, by D Kossove. (Citations: 123).

Of 132 infants with severe lower respiratory tract disease, 70% had a history of daily heavy smoke exposure from cooking and/or heating fires. Only 33% of 18 infants free of respiratory problems had such exposure. Wood smoke is a potent risk factor in the development of ...


1: "Tobacco Smoke Exposure, Wheeze, And Atopy," Pediatric, 2004, by CS Murray, A Woodcock, FI Smillie, G Cain. (Citations: 98).

Summary. We investigated the effect of in utero and postnatal environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure on respiratory symptoms and atopy in the first 3 years of life in children at high risk of allergic disease (both parents atopic). Three hundred and sixty-nine children ...

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How Does Smoke (from any source) Influence Children's Health?

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