How to Discipline Preschoolers' Misbehavior? Research Proven Methods

Based on the results of two studies, give a warning first (which can reduce the necessary time-out by 74%). If a warning is not useful to stop preschoolers' misbehaviors, then follow up with a combination of time-out and reasoning. If time-out is not useful, then back it up with a mild spanking (e.g., two swats to the buttocks with an open hand) (please note however that corporal punishment of children is illegal in 35 countries around the world including most of Western Europe) combined with reasoning.  This approach is effective for decreasing the misbehavior of children aged 2-6. Be careful not to spank frequently because it can become counter-productive, detrimental, and can exacerbate children’s misbehavior. 

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ABSTRACT To compare the effectiveness of maternal punishment (eg, time out, spanking), reasoning, and the combination of the two, 40 volunteer mothers recorded their responses to incidents of toddler fighting and disobedience in a structured diary for 4 weeks. ...


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How to Discipline Preschoolers' Misbehavior? Research Proven Methods

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