Scientifically Proven Methods to Raise a Child to Master Two Languages Successfully

According to the findings of four studies, in order to master two languages successfully in bilingual families, children should be exposed to a bilingual context from their early year(s) in order to develop the two language systems so that they will be able to use the two languages efficiently in a context-sensitive way. Both the strategies of "One parent one language" as well as "One parent imposing a minority language (the child’s weaker language) whereas the other parent uses both languages" can successfully enhance children's acquisition of both languages.

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1: "Parental Language Input Patterns And Children'S Bilingual Use," Applied Psycholinguistics, 2007, by A De Houwer. (Citations: 168).

Abstract This article reports on a study that addresses the following question: why do some children exposed to two languages from early on fail to speak those two languages? Questionnaire data were collected in 1,899 families in which at least one of the parents ...

2: "Mixing And Pragmatic Parental Strategies In Early Bilingual Acquisition," Journal Of Child Language, 2001, by M Juan-Garau, C Perez-Vidal. (Citations: 82).

Abstract This paper investigates the relationship between a child's degree of bilingualism and features of parental input. It seeks to demonstrate that parental discourse strategies have a direct bearing on the levels of mixing present in the child's utterances in his weaker ...


1: "Cognitive Consequences Of Raising Children Bilingually: One Parent, One Language.," Canadian Journal Of Psychology/Revue Canadienne, 1980, by B Bain, A Yu. (Citations: 83).

Abstract 1. Used AR Luria's (1961) language and cognition paradigm in a longitudinal study of 88 motherfatherchild triads of which 30 were from France, 31 from Canada, and 27 from Hong Kong. At first testing, children were 2224 mo of age and at later testing 4648 mo ...


1: "Early Bilingual Development: One Language Or Two?," Journal Of Child Language, 1989, by F Genesee. (Citations: 607).

ABSTRACT It is commonly thought that children learning two languages simultaneously during infancy go through a stage when they cannot differentiate their two languages. Virtually all studies of infant bilingual development have found that bilingual children mix ...

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Scientifically Proven Methods to Raise a Child to Master Two Languages Successfully

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