Impacts of Video/Computer Games on Children: What Studies Show

Based on the results of nine studies, there are some real negative impacts but also some misconceptions about the impacts of playing entertainment-oriented but not violent video or computer video games on children.

As for the negative impacts, playing entertainment-oriented video/computer games is associated with attention problems at school. Heavier engagement in entertainment-oriented video-game play (from young school age children to adolescents) is consistently negatively related to scholastic performance because the children spend less time on after-school academic activities. Playing computer games for more than 0.8 hours per day increases the odds of myopia, although one of the studies indicated that heredity is still the strongest factor in predicting myopia.

As for the misconceptions:

Social ability: The frequency of video game use had no correlation with children’s popularity among classmates. Even though some other findings showed that the frequency of video game use had slightly negative correlations with boys’ social abilities such as empathy, and their mental abilities, the author explained that this result did not mean that video game use caused boys’ weaker social abilities. Rather, boys with weaker sympathizing abilities tend to play more video games.

Spatial ability: It depends on the type of game. For example, playing action games is significantly more effective than word games for improving spatial performance.

Enhancing attentional skills in the context of out-of-school play activities : The findings of one study showed that action video game players of all ages have enhanced attentional skills that allow them to make faster correct responses to targets, which leaves them with additional processing resources that spill over to process distractors flanking the targets.

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Impacts of Video/Computer Games on Children: What Studies Show

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