Is Birth Weight Able to Predict Later Weight, Obesity, or Metabolism Syndrome?

Based on the results of four studies, it is inconclusive if weight at birth is related to later childhood and adulthood weight because 2 papers found that it is related, while the other two found it was not.

Created on November 21 2015 at 08: 00 AM

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1: "Weight Gain In The First Week Of Life And Overweight In Adulthood A Cohort Study Of European American Subjects Fed Infant Formula," Circulation, 2005, by N Stettler, VA Stallings, AB Troxel, J Zhao, R Schinnar. (Citations: 383).

BackgroundSuccessful prevention of obesity and related cardiovascular risk factors requires a clear understanding of its determinants over the life course. Rapid infancy weight gain is associated with childhood obesity, whereas low infancy weight is associated with ...

2: "Relative Weight Gain And Obesity As A Child Predict Metabolic Syndrome As An Adult.," International journal of obesity and related metabolic disorders: journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, 1999, by MJ Vanhala, PT Vanhala. (Citations: 130).

OBJECTIVE: To examine whether birth weight, weight gain from birth to the age of seven or body-mass index at the age of seven have any association with metabolic syndrome as an adult. DESIGN: A population study. SUBJECTS: 210 men and 218 women out of a total ...

3: "Birth Weight; Postnatal, Infant, And Childhood Growth; And Obesity In Young Adulthood: Evidence From The Barry Caerphilly Growth Study," The American journal of clinical nutrition, 2007, by A McCarthy, R Hughes, K Tilling, D Davies. (Citations: 104).

Background: Birth weight has been shown to be positively associated with adult obesity, but relatively few studies have examined the associations with growth in specific periods of early childhood. Objective: The objective was to assess the association of measures of growth ...

4: "Does Low Birth Weight Predict Obesity/Overweight And Metabolic Syndrome In Elementary School Children?," Archives Of Medical, 2008, by V Hirschler, J Bugna, M Roque, T Gilligan. (Citations: 57).

BACKGROUND: We undertook this study to explore the relationship between birth weight (BW) and childhood overweight and obesity (OW/OB) and metabolic syndrome (MS). METHODS: This was a cross-sectional assessment performed in 10 elementary public ...

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Is Birth Weight Able to Predict Later Weight, Obesity, or Metabolism Syndrome?

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