Is It Worth Attending a Montessori Preschool? What Research Shows

Based on the results of three studies, the findings showed that children who attend high-fidelity Montessori preschool outperform children who attend other types of programs after one year of attendance. As for long-term impacts, Montessori males outperform others in middle school in Math and Reading scores. However, the Montessori program does not especially benefit the development of creativity compared to play-oriented preschools.

Created on November 21 2015 at 08: 00 AM

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1: "Preschool Children'S Development In Classic Montessori, Supplemented Montessori, And Conventional Programs," Journal Of School Psychology, 2012, by AS Lillard. (Citations: 42).

Research on the outcomes of Montessori education is scarce and results are inconsistent. One possible reason for the inconsistency is variations in Montessori implementation fidelity. To test whether outcomes vary according to implementation fidelity, we examined ...


1: "Long-Term Effects Of Four Preschool Programs: Sixth, Seventh, And Eighth Grades," Child Development, 1983, by LB Miller, RP Bizzell. (Citations: 100).

60%-65% of the children who were in 4 prekindergarten programs for 1 year in 1968-1969 were compared at sixth, seventh, and eighth grades on IQ and school achievement. IQs did not differ significantly among the program groups, but in reading and math there were ...


1: "The Effect Of Steiner, Montessori, And National Curriculum Education Upon Children'S Pretence And Creativity," The Journal Of Creative Behavior, 2015, by JA Kirkham, E Kidd. (Citations: 1).

Abstract Pretence and creativity are often regarded as ubiquitous characteristics of childhood, yet not all education systems value or promote these attributes to the same extent. Different pedagogies and practices are evident within the UK National Curriculum, ...

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Is It Worth Attending a Montessori Preschool? What Research Shows

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