How to Use Time-Out to Discipline a Noncompliant Child More Effectively? What Study Suggests

Based on the results of 3 studies, time-out is the most effective strategy to enhance preschoolers' compliance. The findings also show that within-room timeout is as effective as out-of-room timeout even though within-room timeout needs more adults' administration of timeout. Warned time-out specifying the command to be followed and labeling the real time-out procedures can effectively enhance children's compliance and reduce the actual time-out.

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1: "The Effects Of Differential Attention And Time Out On Child Noncompliance," Behavior Therapy, 1981, by MW Roberts, LC Hatzenbuehler, AW Bean. (Citations: 70).

This project evaluated the effects of differential attention and time out on child noncompliance in 32 noncompliant, clinic-referred, preschool children. Subjects were assessed under baseline conditions and then under one of four experimental conditions: ...


1: "Effects Of Two Types Of Response-Contingent Time-Out On Compliance And Oppositional Behavior Of Children," Journal Of Experimental Child Psychology, 1975, by ME Scarboro, R Forehand. (Citations: 49).

Abstract The present study examined the effects of two time-out (TO) procedures, within-room and out-of-room, on compliance and oppositional behavior. Subjects were 24 nonclinic 5-year old children and their mothers. Mother-child pairs were assigned to one ...


1: "The Effects Of Warned Versus Unwarned Time-Out Procedures On Child Noncompliance," Child & Family Behavior Therapy, 1983, by MW Roberts. (Citations: 37).

Mothers of twenty-four noncompliant, clinic-referred, preschool children were trained to use either a warned or unwarned time-out procedure in a clinic analog setting to suppress child noncompliance to commands. Warnings respecified the command to be followed and ...

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How to Use Time-Out to Discipline a Noncompliant Child More Effectively? What Study Suggests

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