Personality in Childhood is able to Predict Adulthood Health Outcomes, Study Says

Based on the findings of two studies, personality in childhood is able to predict adulthood health outcomes. However, contrary to expectations, cheerfulness (optimism and sense of humor) in childhood was inversely related to longevity. Conscientiousness was associated with less adult smoking and better adult self-rated health.  

Created on November 21 2015 at 08: 00 AM

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1: "Does Childhood Personality Predict Longevity?," Journal of personality and social psychology, 1993, by HS Friedman, JS Tucker. (Citations: 437).

Abstract 1. Key models relating personality and health predict that personality in childhood is indicative of later health and longevity. Longevity predictions are tested using data derived from the 2-decade longitudinal study initiated by LM Terman in 1921 (Terman and MH ...


1: "Forty Years On: Teachers' Assessments Of Children'S Personality Traits Predict Self-Reported Health Behaviors And Outcomes At Midlife.," Health Psychology, 2006, by SE Hampson, LR Goldberg, TM Vogt. (Citations: 136).

Abstract 1. A life span health-behavior model was investigated in this longitudinal study of personality influences on health. Teachers assessed 963 elementary schoolchildren on traits that formed scales assessing the dimensions of the five-factor (Big Five) model of ...

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Personality in Childhood is able to Predict Adulthood Health Outcomes, Study Says

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