Scientific Studies Discover Types of Exercises Benefit Children’s Mental Abilities

Aerobic exercise: Based on the results of a study, both acute and chronic aerobic exercise are especially beneficial for enhancing the abilities of knowing and executing the links between thinking and actions for young children (aged 7 years and above). 

Coordinative physical activities (movement of two or more parts of the body simultaneously to achieve a specific goal, such as rope jumping, racquet sport):  According to an experimental study of students aged 13-16 years from an elite performance school, having coordinative physical activity for 10 minutes per day can enhance children’s concentration and attention abilities compared to normal school lessons. 

Acute exercise: Based on the findings of a study, the scores of memory tests of students aged 11-12 were enhanced after performing an acute bout of physical exercise (such as aerobic circuit training or team games used in the study).

Treadmill walking: Based on the finding of a study, an acute bout of moderate treadmill walking (in the study, “the exercise session consisted of 20 min of walking on a motor-driven treadmill at 60% of estimated maximum heart rate”) is beneficial for enhanced attention ability and academic performance of children aged 9-10 years who were assessed right after the physical activities.  

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Scientific Studies Discover Types of Exercises Benefit Children’s Mental Abilities

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