Impacts of IPad on Young Children: What Studies Show

Based on the findings of five studies, there are some benefits and a number of concerns about the impact of using tablet computers and iPads on children’s development.

As for the benefits, first, as long as good apps are chosen with adults' guidance, the usage can be beneficial to the children's development and learning. Second, tablet computers and iPads are increasingly useful for calming children in anxious situations (such as seeing a doctor).

As for the concerns, however, first, the musculoskeletal stresses of tablet computer use are similar to those of paper use, affecting posture and spinal activity. However, this can be offset by greater variability of posture and muscle activity. Second, based on the results of a study on the association between the usage of computers and the onset of myopia for schoolchildren, parents should limit the total usage of tablet computers/ iPads/ smartphones/ laptops to a maximum of 48 minutes per day

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1: "A Tablet Computer For Young Children? Exploring Its Viability For Early Childhood Education," Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 2010, by LJ Couse, DW Chen. (Citations: 168).

Abstract This study explored the viability of tablet computers in early education by investigating preschool children's ease in acclimating to tablet technology and its effectiveness in engaging them to draw. A total of 41 three-to six-year-old children were ...


1: "Using A Tablet Computer During Pediatric Procedures: A Case Series And Review Of The Apps," Pediatric Emergency Care, 2012, by A McQueen, C Cress, A Tothy. (Citations: 15).

Abstract: Children who require procedures and interventions that might be painful or anxiety provoking often require physical restraint, procedural sedation, or both. Nonpharmacologic distraction techniques have been shown to be a helpful adjunct in these situations and ...



1: "Parental Myopia, Near Work, School Achievement, And Children'S Refractive Error," Investigative ophthalmology & visual science, 2002, by DO Mutti, GL Mitchell. (Citations: 414).

purpose. To quantify the degree of association between juvenile myopia and parental myopia, near work, and school achievement. methods. Refractive error, parental refractive status, current level of near activities (assumed working distance-weighted hours per ...

2: "Reading, Writing, Working On A Computer Or Watching Television, And Myopia.," Klinika oczna, 2009, by D Czepita, A Mojsa, M Ustianowska, M Czepita. (Citations: 7).

PURPOSE: The aim of our study was to investigate on a large population if reading, writing, working on a computer or watching television might be associated with the occurrence of myopia. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 5865 schoolchildren were examined (2792 ...

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Impacts of IPad on Young Children: What Studies Show

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