Study Findings on Impacts of Older Maternal Age on Children's Later Developmental Outcomes

Based on the findings of two studies, maternal age above 30 is associated with declining risks of educational underachievement, juvenile crime, substance misuse, and mental health problems compared to maternal age under age 30. Furthermore, maternal age above 35 combined with paternal age above 35 is significantly associated with the incidence of Down syndrome, while maternal age of 40 and older has the strongest association with the incidence of Down syndrome. 

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1: "Maternal Age And Educational And Psychosocial Outcomes In Early Adulthood," Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 1999, by DM Fergusson, LJ Woodward. (Citations: 182).

The relationships between maternal age (at birth) and educational and psychosocial outcomes at age 18 were examined in a birth cohort of 1025 New Zealand children. This analysis indicated the presence of consistent tendencies for increasing maternal age to be ...


1: "The Influence Of Paternal Age On Down Syndrome," The Journal of Urology, 2003, by H Fisch, G Hyun, R Golden, TW Hensle, CA Olsson. (Citations: 104).

PURPOSE: Children born to older parents are at greater risk for genetic abnormalities, such as Down syndrome. The influence of maternal age on Down syndrome is well established but little is known about the genetic consequences of advanced paternal age. ...

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Study Findings on Impacts of Older Maternal Age on Children's Later Developmental Outcomes

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