When to Start Sleep Training? What Scientific Studies Reveal

Effectiveness-wise, based on two reviewed studies, sleeping training can start as early as in the first month. One study indicates that after 3 weeks of training, 72% of babies can sleep more than 5 hours without crying at 12 weeks of age.

People may think that this kind of training could affect the child's emotional well-being, but based on 1 reviewed longitudinal study, sleeping training during infancy has no long-term negative influences on children’s mental health, behavior problems, or parent-child bonding.  

Created on November 21 2015 at 08: 00 AM

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1: "Effects of parent training on infant sleeping patterns, parents' stress, and perceived parental competence," Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 1992, by Wolfson, A., Lacks, P., & Futterman, A.. (Citations: 209).

2: "A Randomized Controlled Trial To Compare Alternative Strategies For Preventing Infant Crying And Sleep Problems In The First 12 Weeks: The Cosi Study," Primary Health Care Research and Development , 2002, by J Sleep, P Gillham. (Citations: 6).

Abstract This study was designed to test the hypothesis that a behavioural programme was used preventatively to try to reduce crying and improve night sleeping in 1-to 12-week old infants compared with educational support or existing services. The objectives were to ...



1: "Five-Year Follow-Up Of Harms And Benefits Of Behavioral Infant Sleep Intervention: Randomized Trial," Pediatrics, 2012, by AMH Price, M Wake, OC Ukoumunne, H Hiscock. (Citations: 29).

Randomized trials have demonstrated the short- to medium-term effectiveness of behavioral infant sleep interventions. However, concerns persist that they may harm children’s emotional development and subsequent mental health. This study aimed to determine long-term harms and/or benefits of an infant behavioral sleep program at age 6 years on (1) child, (2) child-parent, and (3) maternal outcomes.


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When to Start Sleep Training? What Scientific Studies Reveal

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