(Conflicting Studies Found) Pediatricians Warn Against Fruit Juice

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Created on November 16 2015 at 10: 58 PM

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Too much fruit juice a day will not keep the doctor away, a group of pediatricians is saying.

The American Academy of Pediatricians is telling parents that infants who drink too much fruit juice may become malnourished if the beverage replaces human milk or formula.

Children are the largest consumers of fruit juice in the United States and, experts say, that besides not providing needing nutrients, the extra calories from the sweet beverage may be contributing to the current epidemic of childhood obesity.

Sugar in Fruit Juice May Lead to Diarrhea

Fruit juice does not contain a significant amount of protein, fat, minerals or vitamins, other than Vitamin C, according to the pediatricians.

It does contain carbohydrate, in the form of sugar, which if consumed in large amounts can result in diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence.

Although some fruit juices are fortified with calcium to promote healthy bones and teeth, many do not, the doctors say. In fact, a child holding ...

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Compared with Evidence on Parenting-Checkpoint.com: Summary

It was found that limiting the amount to below 12 fl oz per day and avoiding giving certain type of juice may avoid obesity.

This viral article is NOT supported by the following studies on Parenting-Checkpoint.com

Nutrition vs. Obesity? How to Give Your Child Fruit Juice Wisely

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