(Conflicting Studies Found) Why Punishment Doesn't Teach Your Child Accountability?

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Created on November 16 2015 at 10: 54 PM

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What does it mean, to hold our child accountable for her behavior? My definition would be that our child assumes responsibility for her actions, including making amends and avoiding a repeat, whether the authority figure is present or not. So, really, it isn't about "holding our child accountable." What we want is for our child to step into responsibility, to hold HERSELF accountable. Once someone takes responsibility, we don't have to "hold her accountable."

Essentially, we're talking about raising a moral child who wants to do the right thing. Most people assume that punishment is what helps humans decide to do the right thing, so if we aren't punishing our children, they'll grow up doing the wrong thing. That's a bleak view of human nature. And it turns out to be dead wrong.

There's now a wealth of research (see the end of this article for link to citations) demonstrating that kids who are punished are LESS likely to make positive moral choices. That's because:

  • Punishment focuses a child on the "consequences" he is suffering, rather than on the consequences of his behavior to someone else, so it makes him more self-centered.

  • Punishment makes a child feel like he'...

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Compared with Evidence on Parenting-Checkpoint.com: Summary

Reasoning backed up with non-physical or verbal punishment is most effective for reducing misbehavior.

This viral article is NOT supported by the following studies on Parenting-Checkpoint.com

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