(Conflicting Studies Found) TV Before Age 2 Won’t Boost Baby’s Brain: Watching TV Does Not Help Children’s Language and Visual Motor Skills, Study Shows

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Created on November 16 2015 at 10: 27 PM

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Watching television before age 2 won’t boost a baby's IQ, according to a new study on the effects of TV on children. Researchers found that children who watched TV as infants did not reap any language or visual motor skills benefits by age 3, compared with children who did not watch TV. But watching TV did not appear to harm their development either, once researchers took other factors into account. "Contrary to marketing claims and some parents' perception that television viewing is beneficial to children's brain development, no evidence of such benefit was found," researcher Marie Evans Schmidt, PhD, of the Center on Media and Child Health at Harvard Medical School, says in a news release. "In this study, TV viewing in itself did not have measurable effects on cognition," Schmidt says. "TV viewing is perhaps best viewed as a marker for a host of other environmental and familial influences, which may themselves be detrimental to cognitive development." TV Doesn't Help Babies Learn Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no television viewing for children under age 2, researchers say most babies born in the U.S. watch between one to two hours of TV a day. In the study, published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers analyzed information on 872 children. Mothers completed questionnaires about their child's TV viewing habits when they were 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years ol...

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Compared with Evidence on Parenting-Checkpoint.com: Summary

Even though there are some real concerns about the impacts of watching TV on children's development, it is found that a number of TV programs are beneficial to children's language development and communication skills.

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Impacts of TV on Infants and Toddlers: What Research Shows the Misconception and Real Negative Impacts

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